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W25 Windscreen Wiper

The W25 wiper system is a single-driven yet strong windshield wiper motor. It is perfect for the medium-sized cabin boats with big front windshields where you need to get the best possible visibility.

Equipped with one of our wiper controllers you will get a complete system that enables the highest wiper precision.


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  • With a 25Nm torque and a strong drive system, it powers up to 750 mm / 30″ arms and blades
  • The sweep angle is easily adjusted from 45-110° for maximum visibility
  • CE approved, EMC protected
  • Two speeds: Slow 35 sweeps/min and fast 55 sweeps/min
  • Dynamic parking can be changed from Left to Right
  • Pantograph or pendulum arms


Item noL1 (mm)L2 (mm)Voltage (V)Stock
53101528/1.1”78/3.07”12 VOn Stock
53101628/1.1”78/3.07”24 VOn Stock
53102553/2.1”103/4.06”12 VOn Stock
53102653/2.1”103/4.06”24 VOn Stock
53103578/3.1”128/5.04”12 VOn Stock
53103678/3.1”128/5.04”24 VOn Stock
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