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Marine equipment

While on a beautiful boat cruise in an epic sunset you’re probably not thinking about us. But we’re thinking about you. We work to make sure that all the details on your boat work smoothly so that you can just enjoy the moment.

ROCA Products


    Short description


    Reliable and high-quality boat cleats and bow eyes for safe mooring. Approved by the National Swedish Administration of Shipping and Navigation.


    Discover our wide selection of high-quality deck fillers for different areas of applications. Choose from cast or stamped models for fuel, water or waste, and qualities in aluminum or acid-proof stainless steel. Whatever you choose, it will probably be the cherry on the pie on any boat project.

    Thru hull fittings

    All the high-quality thru-hull fittings you are looking for. They’re easy to install, good looking, strong, and flexible.
    For boat builders that know that a quality fit and finish pays off.


    A wide range of stylish high-quality handles and handrails for all kinds of applications.


    Reliable hinges in all shapes and sizes for all kinds of applications.

    Locks & Latches

    We offer a wide range of locks and latches with focus on function, design and reliability.


    Get rid of damp, mold and unpleasant odors with the help of our high-quality vents.


    Our brackets are used everywhere, from cramped ship bunks to cabins on commercial vehicles to hospital trolleys, cafes, shops and offices all around the world. For anyone who wants to maximize space, both indoors and outdoors. The type of brackets you choose is a matter of taste. Whether you prefer the more elegant, telescopic Rakego or the industrial, retro-inspired Robust, the possibilities are endless.

    Electric equipment

    We offer a wide range of electrical equipment for marine use.


    Didn't find what you were looking for? Here you'll find more high-quality products from us at ROCA Industry.


Small items of great significance – little heroes who are experts in enhancing other manufacturers’ products in kitchens, bathrooms, hospitals, boats, caravans, cafes, hospitals, shops and homes…

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