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Our unique and safe folding brackets fit in all kinds of applications and environments. From kitchen hardware to hospital trolleys and big yachts, from a local convenience store to a private home or an office.

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    Rakego is a unique folding bracket that can be used everywhere - from cramped ship bunks to cabins on commercial vehicles to hospital trolleys, cafes, shops, and offices all around the world...


    Bracket and hinge in one piece Robust isn’t just any folding bracket though it might seem so at first. You don’t have to look very closely to find that there are – for example - some very smart details designed to eliminate the risk for pinching. You will also find that this bracket in electro polished stainless steel actually is extremely robust: it can hold up to 200 kg (440 Ib)! Robust is suitable for harsh environments, but thanks to it’s clean retro design it fits very well with modern interior trends like Industrial Interior Design and NY Loft Style. The upcoming soft close-function will make Robust even safer.


Small items of great significance – little heroes who are experts in enhancing other manufacturers’ products in kitchens, bathrooms, hospitals, boats, caravans, cafes, hospitals, shops and homes…

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