Wipers - change sweep angle and parking position in 1 minute

When installing a new wiper in your boat or vehicle you always need to set the sweep angle and parking position accurate to get an optimised sweep pattern. In normal cases, this is quite an effort requiring resources and time. But not when it comes to ROCA's products - here you need barely one minute to do the same task.   

Folding brackets solve challenges in medical areas

Areas such as hospitals, health centers and rehab receptions often pose major challenges to those who want to furnish them - and even more to them who work in them. There is usually a shortage of space, at the same time as space is needed for patients and staff to move around. Add to that regulations and the personel's desire for safety and flexibility, and you easily understand the difficult task interior designers are faced with. 

Window handles with endless possibilities

Do you remember building with LEGO as a child? It was possible to create an endless number of models with the same pieces. And so it is with our window handles. We have a variety of “building blocks”.

Making boat gear fashionable

Over the years, marine equipment has gone from something that only needs to be functional to something that has to be equally aesthetically appealing. Because even though they might be small, marine fittings make a big difference and truly influence a boats’ overall impression. And you don’t want to compromise on the looks of your boat – nor should you.

IP rating explained

IP (or “Ingress Protection”) ratings are used to define levels of sealing effectiveness of electrical devices against intrusion from foreign bodies (tools, dirt, etc) and moisture.

5 ideas for compact homes

Think compact living and max out your home space. As more and more people are living in smaller homes, a concept called compact living has inspired a new wave of creative solutions. Here you’ll find tips and products that conjure up space you didn’t know you had.

Make compact living more spacious

The term “less is more” is believed to have been coined by the architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. Today, it refers to an entire lifestyle in which people live in smaller spaces, faced with the challenge of making the most of their living space.

Black is the new black

When it comes to choosing hardware like handles, glass fittings, showerheads, pipework and armatures, it should not come as a surprise that matte black is popular. Both modern and timeless, black works wonders in all the usual places.

The perfect match for every windscreen

Have a closer look at ROCA’s unique wiper systems for all types of windscreens.Do you need a wiper system for your windscreen, side window or rear window? Regardless of whether it’s for a pioneering dream project among boat people, a new work boat, a series of trucks, excavators or special vehicles. Thanks to the flexibility of ROCA wiper systems, we offer solutions for all needs.

One size does fit all!

Finding the proper wiper system shouldn’t be hard, and you shouldn’t have to go to different places to collect all the products that you need. The perfect wiper system should be flexible enough to adapt to each and every windscreen, regardless of size, angle or position. 

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